Hotel Booking Tips From A Smart Traveler


Hotels today come in a huge range. Some budget hotels may simply offer a bed and basic facilities, whereas other, more luxurious options will offer a stylish room with plenty of added extras as well as facilities like a gym and a spa. What you are looking for, in many ways depends on the nature of your stay. If you are on a city break and only intend to sleep in your room, you may be happy to do so without lots of extras. Whereas if you are traveling for business, you may need some quiet space to work as well as other facilities. Whatever you are doing while you are away, there are a few things that you should look for in your hotel. Let’s take a look at them.


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There are hotels everywhere. All major cities are full of them. If you are staying in Sydney, for example, a direct hotel booking could be perfect. If you are staying elsewhere in Australia or any other country, the location should be one of your most important considerations. Have a look online and think about what you want to do on your break. Do you need to be in a particular location for meetings? Or is there anything you’d like to see? If you are hiring a car, it can be a good idea to stay a little further out to save money. 


Your budget plays a huge in deciding on a hotel. How much you are willing to spend will depend on the nature of your trip and how important the hotel is to your plans. Think about what you can afford and what you want to spend and make sure you set yourself a realistic budget before beginning your search. Remember to look at late deals and special offers to get a great room for less, instead of settling for a budget option you’re not entirely happy with. 


Now so many people book and leave reviews online, that it’s not hard to find honest feedback. Take a look at the most recent reviews of the hotels you are considering online. But, remember that reviews don’t tell the full story. One bad review may just reflect a bad day. Take a look at various reviews, good and bad, before jumping to a conclusion. 

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The facilities on offer can be what leads you to your final decision. What you are looking for will depend on the nature of your trip. If you are away on a family vacation, you’ll want a child-friendly pool, a family restaurant, and maybe some entertainment. On the other hand, if you are away on business, you’ll need WiFi and perhaps, a gym. Think about what you need and filter your search results to match. 


If you are going to stay somewhere for more than a night or two, the atmosphere is important. However, it is something that isn’t easy to judge on photos and reviews. But, you can get an idea. If you are looking for somewhere with excellent facilities, you probably won’t enjoy the atmosphere of a budget backpacker hostel. Look at the reviews, see who else is booking, and try to get a feel for the type of place it is. 

There are a lot of hotels out there, all offering different things. So, take your time to look around before making a booking. Do you have other savvy tips to share when booking accommodation? 


  1. This post is awesome for me because I’m always on the road for business. Thank you for sharing. My first go-to is reviews lol

  2. Love the tips for hotel booking. Facilities provided and the location of the hotel are important for me. Awesome read!

  3. Having breakfast included is something to consider.

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