Are You The Worst Airline Passenger?


We’ve all heard about the Air Passenger Bill of Rights. I guess every country has its own. When flights are canceled or delayed, we leaf through that government-issued memorandum so we can assert our claims against an airline. 

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Our rights extend beyond the check-in counter. In-flight, we have basic rights regarding how we are treated as passengers. Some of us may have good and bad experiences with flight attendants. But how do we know if we have also misused our rights as passengers? Mask policies imposed by airlines even brought out the worst behavior in some passengers. Where do we draw the line between passengers and cabin crew in midair?

Here’s how we keep our behavior in check as airline passengers:

1. Do As You’re Told

The job of the flight attendants is to ensure the safety of passengers. That’s the reason why they make sure you are seated during take-off or landing, and when there’s turbulence. That is also why they don’t step away until you strap yourself properly into your seat, sit in an upright position, and put away your tray tables. These things will keep you safe during emergency landings.

2. Act Properly

Flight attendants have the right to have you arrested by the air marshal if you are rude and unruly. You may not only cause distress to the other passengers but to the flight crew as well. In worst cases, a flight attendant can report your misbehavior to the captain and have you offloaded or arrested upon touchdown.

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3. Flight Attendants Are Not Slaves

A flight attendant is not legally bound to lift the bags of passengers into the overhead bins. They normally give a hand to children, the elderly, and the disabled. So when you present your bags at the check-in counter, you will be asked which bag you will hand carry. If you usually find discomfort in lifting a bag into the overhead bin, then hand carry a lighter one so you can stow it under the seat in front of you.

4. Respect The Cabin Crew

Whether you’re the owner of the airline or a frequent flyer, the cabin crew has authority over you or any other passenger midair. As long as safety is concerned, they were trained to carry out in-flight rules, like it or not.


5. Be Kind

This always works for anyone in customer service, whether it’s a fast food joint, a ticketing office, or a city registrar. “Ask (nicely) and it shall be given to you.” Know that flight attendants are taught to have the passenger’s best interest in mind. After all, passengers are customers. And the airline would want loyal customers. This, however, doesn’t entitle passengers to be rude or abusive towards the airline personnel.

Just as we want to be treated well and get the best service that we paid for, the cabin crew deserves as much our respect and cooperation. Besides, we all like to have an enjoyable flight, don’t we? So when you’re airborne, just OBEY. RELAX. And SMILE.

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